Security Systems Integration

FOLGAT is the security system integrator focused on access control, X-ray search and trace detection, radar and video surveillance, building automation, system design, installation and support for the purpose of critical infrastructure protection.

Advanced Materials

FOLGAT offers the high-performance and cost-effective scintillation materials & detectors for the wide range of applications. We are prepared to work closely with our customers to develop the optimal solutions, which meet their specifications and requirements.

Natural Materials

FOLGAT-STONE is a division of the company FOLGAT. Division’s title speaks for itself and it consistent fully with the purpose and objectives that facing by the team. We manufacturing and supply of natural stone products from Ukrainian deposits.

Our Address

Am Dornbush 31, D-60320, 

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

tel: +496995297164, fax: +496995297165