Natural Materials

FOLGAT-STONE is a division of the company FOLGAT AG with the head office in Frankfurt am Main. Division’s title speaks for itself and it consistent fully with the purpose and objectives that facing by the team.


- a manufacture, sales, deliveries of products that produce of natural stone from Ukrainian deposits.
- a professional approach to the stone category at all stages of the chain - from mining to processing and direct the use and exploitation of natural stone.
- diversification and differentiated look at each production order, delivery, shipment. It is Individual approach and contact with every customer.

FOLGAT-STONE's mission is the supply of high quality granite, labradorite, gabbro products from Ukrainian deposits to various countries around the world. We are providing the level of production and quality of the finished products in accordance with the high standards of the world's consumers.

FOLGAT-STONE united in one important components for implemented and achieved themselves purpose, objectives and mission:

  • Many years of experience of the Ukrainian mining and processing manufacturing in the producing of stones products. We use stone from deposits of Zhytomyr region;
  • Industrial, research and production development of European companies-manufacturer that produce equipment for processing of stone. Products are manufactured on equipment that made in Europe and complies to the regulations, standards and directives of the EU;
  • 20 years of successful management experience in commercial and industrial activity in Ukraine and abroad that gave to us the opportunity to provide the most comfortable and fastest way from order to delivery and unloading to our customers and clients.

We practice modern financial and economic means effectively to support the export-import operations including factoring and fronting, apply convenient and appropriate means of modern logistics, transport, management.

Our Address

Am Dornbush 31, D-60320, 

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

tel: +496995297164, fax: +496995297165